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Large-scale rainwater recovery and gray water recycling

Rainwater collected in 2021
Gray water recycled in 2021
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Rainwater recovery, gray water recycling, mixed system and swimming pool water recovery

AQUAE has acquired its expertise by developing its sizing tools and new products.


Gray water recycling

We call gray water, soapy water from sinks, showers and baths. These waters have the particularity of being lightly loaded, and non-greasy (cooking waters are excluded).

Thanks to our recycling technology whose performance allows to retain 99,9% of viruses, all this water can be used a second time, in complete safety. We can therefore replace 50% of the needs usually supplied by the city network by recycled water intended for all needs that do not require drinking water (excluding bodily and food).

Using drinking water twice also halves sanitation taxes, indexed to the number of m3 of drinking water supplied.

Our AQUACLEAR range covers daily treatment needs from 1m³ to several tens of m³ for use in toilets, washing surfaces, or even watering.


Rainwater recovery

Rainwater is sufficient for many needs with the exception of bodily and food uses. Its low limestone content makes it naturally soft water; its use makes it possible to reduce the consumption of detergents, reduce softeners and thus reject water less loaded with phosphates and salt, responsible for the degradation of the quality and eutrophication of the water in many rivers.

In addition, the use of rainwater contributes to limiting discharges to drainage networks, which are increasingly saturated, in the face of increasing urbanization and climate change.

Long limited to outdoor use, the use of rainwater has been extended by theOf the 21 August 2008 for non-potable uses inside buildings.

AQUAE has developed several ranges of products meeting all the obligations of this decree, for installations as varied as those of high-rise towers, stadiums, residential or office buildings, industrial maintenance centers, Data centers, etc. for constructions new as in the context of renovations.


Expert in his field for more than 16 years

Our main goals

Reduce the use of drinking water for uses that do not require this quality, while ensuring the safety and independence of drinking water networks, by using any type of alternative water resources compatible with use without risk for the user.

Make a contribution to the problem of increasing rainwater flows, by pooling:

  • The function of the retention structures to regulate the controlled leakage rate.
  • Storage of rainwater for its use.

Our strengths

For equipping rainwater and gray water recycling systems

  • Obtaining environmental labels: 

Each label has several performance levels.
Obtaining the highest levels encourages the installation of
rainwater and gray water recycling systems.

  • Environmental approach of companies

Environmental charter as part of an RS approach

  • Saving drinking water:

Some sectors with high water consumption are interested,
or already integrate these solutions also for reasons
economic: The railway sector: RATP, SNCF, The hotel industry.

  • The beneficial impact of the use of rainwater

As part of actions to limit rainwater flows
in the existing urban networks which, as the
densification of buildings become undersized
faced with the volume of rejections.

Our contributions


  • Participation in the unconventional water reuse working group initiated and managed by the MTES
  • working group for the preparation of the ANSES report on the analysis of the health risks associated with the reuse of gray water.
  • Water consumption workshop, as part of the Paris bid for the 2024 -GIP Olympic Games.
  • Conference at CETE de l'Est concerning "rainwater in collective and suburban housing".
  • Participation in the working group at the National Assembly led by the Deputy of Val de Marne Patrick Beaudoin on the development of the bill in favor of the use of rainwater inside buildings.
  • AQUAE is a member of the ADVANCITY “city and sustainable mobility” competitiveness cluster

Expert in his field for more than 16 years

What we offer

On behalf of Design Offices
and Large Construction Companies

The sizing of recycling systems allows the substitution of city water by other alternative resources for non-potable and non-bodily uses:

  • Rainwater (inaccessible roofs)
  • Gray water (tub-shower-sinks)
  • Process water (industry - swimming pool)
Our "TLALOG" sizing tool

Calculate and visualize the optimum performance of an installation according to all the parameters of resources * and jobs.

* Using METEOFRANCE rainfall forecast data.

* Decree of August 21, 2008
NOR: DEV00773410A

Rainwater filtration;
Skid ready to install;
Gray water recycling module.

The design and development of specific products entering into the development of rainwater recycling systems.
The development of a 100% French-made gray water recycling system.

* Decree of August 21, 2008
NOR: DEV00773410A

To plumbing companies with technical assistance to ensure regulatory compliance. *

The supply and commissioning of these systems, on behalf of communities and construction companies.

* Decree of August 21, 2008
NOR: DEV00773410A

In compliance with regulations. *

Maintenance of installed systems.

Establishment of the health record, in accordance with regulatory or similar recommendations.

* Decree of August 21, 2008
NOR: DEV00773410A


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